CDK Global partners to offer new 24/7 cybersecurity solution for dealerships


At a time when cyber threat defense is a top-of-mind issue, CDK Global has partnered to launch a new network security solution for dealerships that can provide 24/7 security protection to block hacking incidents.

CDK announced Thursday that it has teamed up with managed network security service provider Nuspire to launch Network Protect, which is designed to provide dealerships with security event visibility that can help them meet industry compliance requirements and keep customer information safe.

“An average dealer network performs hundreds to thousands of tasks, including moving data and facilitating business transactions, resulting in a high risk for potential attacks,” CDK Global executive vice president and chief technology officer Rajiv Amar said in a news release.

“As a fully managed end-to-end network security management system, Network Protect does everything for the dealer by taking on the day-to-day responsibility of cyber threat defense, protecting dealer networks with 24/7 real-time security monitoring and management.”

To keep dealerships' customer information safe and secure, the new Network Protect solution is designed to deliver log management, network monitoring and analysis, according to CDK. Its key features include real-time threat monitoring, proactive alerts and remote remediation assistance.

“At Nuspire, we customize our services and technology to keep up with the evolving cybersecurity industry, and pride ourselves on our deep security knowledge, expertise and the state-of-the-science technology that we provide our customers,” said Saylor Frase, chief executive officer of Nuspire. “This Network Protect solution will play a critical role in safeguarding automotive dealerships from cyber-attacks and keeping their customer information secure.”

Preceding CDK and Nuspire’s new joint Network Protect solution, for the last 10 years, the companies have also offered dealerships a collection of other security options that are designed to safeguard customer information, according to CDK.

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