Dealer Teamwork secures U.S. patent for digital marketing tech platform


Dealer Teamwork recently announced that it has received a United States Patent for its Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform (MPOP) technology that creates, distributes and publishes contextual marketing campaigns.

The new patent covering Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP technology grants valuable intellectual property protection for the company’s processes regarding methods and data formats connected to developing marketing campaigns using transaction data.

"This new patent shows Dealer Teamwork's customers that while we provide a successful software platform, we're incorporating innovative technologies to ease marketing implementation and seamlessly facilitate the distribution of transactional data to their respective marketing channels," Dealer Teamwork chief executive officer and co-founder Sean Stapleton said in a news release.

"We ensure the highest level of accuracy and ease for our customers to publish transactional data — better enabling them to provide the necessary signals to search engines and deliver the most relevant content to in-market shoppers, and therefore help grow dealers' businesses," he added.

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