DealersLink to debut new retail consumer website at NADA


DealersLink announced it will unveil its new retail consumer site,, at the NADA Convention & Expo in New Orleans later this week.

DealersLink Black Ops Dev Team began constructing MotorCloud over three years ago, and it will be available to DealersLink members this summer.

“DealersLink was built on innovations that bring value to dealers,” said Mike Goicoechea, chief executive officer of the vehicle exchange company in a new release. “We’re incredibly excited about MotorCloud because we’ve now entered the retail classified space, so we’re bringing value not only to our dealers, but their customers as well.”

The new site applies cutting-edge mobile cloud and app technologies to streamline the auto buying process.

DealersLink said as more customers move to mobile technology, mobile software innovation is expected to be a major growth segment for the company.

All DealersLink members get first-mover access to MotorCloud and $1,000 advertising credit for each year they've been a member.

“Our members always get first priority when it comes to new product launches and other innovations coming out of our R&D team.”

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