DealerSocket Rolls Out 2 New Tools to Enhance Mobile CRM Solution


Dealer CRM provider DealerSocket released two additional tools to the MobileCRM platform —  PhoneTracking and SocketTalk.

The company explained on Tuesday that SocketTalk can allow users to instant message from within the CRM to internal DealerSocket users. Officials contend SocketTalk is also a “true” texting tool that can allow instant, two-way communication between the dealership and a customer's mobile device.

Users can send texts from a mobile device or desktop station. Then, the customer will receive it as a text message.

Officials said this communication channel is opt-in and opt-out compliant to protect dealerships and their customers.

Furthermore, the company highlighted MobileCRM PhoneTracking can help dealers currently tracking calls made from their LAN lines or other phone systems through DealerSocket’s CTI (Call Tracking Integration) to extend the functionality to calls from mobile devices, as well.

Every call, regardless of whether it is made from a landline or a mobile phone, can now be tracked by a dealer, according to the company

“SocketTalk is a highly effective way for dealers to communicate with their customers,” said Brad Perry, DealerSocket co-founder and chief technology officer. “We are also very excited about our new tool, PhoneTracking. Dealers can now rest assured all calls are tracked, whether from a landline or mobile phone.”

For more information on DealerSocket SocketTalk and PhoneTracking, call (877) 888-8048.

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