DMEautomotive Debuts Tool to Help Dealers Drive Trade-Ins, Bolster Used Inventory


DMEautomoive rolled out a new program on Thursday that can help dealers secure the late-model used inventory they need in today’s supply-crunched market. Additionally, the “Best Chance Equity Communications from DMEautomotive” gives dealers a way to boost new-vehicle sales and retention rates.

Basically, Best Chance utilizes DMEa's predictive analytics to figure out which of a dealer’s customers have equity in their current ride.

The program then takes the customer’s purchasing history and from that, figures out three relevant new-vehicle matches from the dealer’s stock that would have similar or lower monthly payments.

After those vehicles are determined, the program sends the customer a message and an offer, emphasizing the similar/lower monthly payment on the new-vehicle.

The goal, of course, is that the customer trades in their late-model used car and buys a new one from the dealer, killing two birds with one stone for the dealership.

DMEa has completely integrated Best Chance into is Customer Journey program. The latter is a tool that aims to boost sales, retention, satisfaction and service visits for dealers throughout the ownership lifecycle of a vehicle.

“Best Chance truly is a win for both consumers and dealers,” stated Mike Walther, president and chief executive officer of DMEautomotive.

“Eligible car owners are identified by DMEa technology and then delighted with this new opportunity. With new vehicle sales still recovering and used sales white hot, Best Chance not only helps dealers generate new car sales, but also helps expand their used vehicle inventory,” he added. “And, because the communications are precision-segmented and automated, the process is extremely cost-effective."


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