Dominion enters Facebook Marketplace partnership to eliminate dealers need to manually upload inventory

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Dealers working with Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Dealer Specialties no longer have to upload inventory to Facebook Marketplace manually.

A new agreement with Facebook now allows dealers to list their inventory via an automated syndication feature.

Dominion Dealers Solutions announced Wednesday that its Dealer Specialties portfolio company has entered an inventory syndication partnership with Facebook to enable dealers to automatically upload their inventory data directly to Facebook Marketplace.

“We’ve been working with Facebook to create a better experience for our customers who sell a great deal of their inventory on the platform,” Dealer Specialties inventory services and solutions vice president Shane Marcum said in a news release. “We are confident that this will allow dealers to have more control and faster access to the inventory that's listed.”

Dominion said that the new automated syndication feature that’s available for dealers who employ Facebook Marketplace is open to all inventory management software customers at no additional cost.

Meanwhile, almost a year ago, Facebook announced that it was growing the selection of vehicles that it advertises to U.S. shoppers on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook now has 2 billion-plus users and an estimated 550 million visits to buy-sell groups every month, according to Dominion.

At Dominion, the company said that more than 3,000 dealers across the country work with its Dealer Specialties entity.

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