Dominion launches CRM integration plug-in for equity mining tool


Dominion Dealer Solutions announced on Saturday it launched an automotive equity plug-in tool that allows dealers to use any automotive customer relationship management system (CRM) in conjunction with its automotive equity mining solution, DealActivator.

"We recognize that automotive dealers want the flexibility to use DealActivator’s best-in-class equity mining software without having to change CRM providers,” said Dominion equity solutions general manager Alan Andreu in a news release.

“This plug-in enables today’s dealers to continue using the CRM system that works best for their dealership, regardless of the vendor, while enjoying DealActivator’s data-rich equity tools."

The new plug-in tool provides instant access to equity data and also allows dealers to view a customer's profile in their CRM system simultaneously.

Dealers no longer need to log into their CRM separately from DealActivator.

CRM and DealActivator information now appears on the same screen.

Additionally, with the new plug-in dealership staff can now quickly determine the equity standing of each client in the CRM.

DealActivator’s Soft Credit Pulls and Performance Booster packages, which help dealers identify revenue opportunities and gain strategy recommendations, have also been recent additions to the equity mining software.

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