E-Drive Autos builds updated appraisal tech with new design, added pricing algorithms


With a focus on bringing dealers more accuracy and less headache, E-Drive Autos has released a new version of its interactive vehicle appraisal tool — TradeVue —  that has been augmented with integrated proprietary pricing algorithms and a fresh UX design, the company announced Wednesday.

The company said that its newly released 2.5 version brings both dealers and consumers improved accuracy and greater ease in using the tool. 

In addition to providing buyers an accurate value, TradeVue is designed to increase conversions and generate more leads on auto dealer websites, according to E-Drive Autos.

"We have never been more excited about a product release,” E-Drive chief executive officer Derek White said in a news release.“TradeVue has been a hidden gem in the automotive community for many months, but now it’s gaining attention due to its exceptional conversion-to-show rates. We are delivering unprecedented ROI through a sticky design and a clever value-added call-to-action on dealer websites.”

Additionally, because the company is a part of the CDK Global Partner Program, E-Drive Autos explained that the cost rate to access the platform is less than $500 per month for CDK dealers.

E-Drive Autos announced in September that the company joined the CDK Global Partner Program as a digital partner to offer dealers TradeVue.

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