GoMoto & UpdatePromise partner to boost kiosk capability


The power and capability of artificial intelligence with the consumer comfort of a kiosk are now being leveraged to improve the dealership service drive and showroom.

UpdatePromise recently announced an exclusive partnership with GoMoto, to combine the companies’ platforms into one fully embedded dealership management system with a connected consumer experience and engagement solution.

With this tool, the companies explained, dealers and OEMs will now be able to provide their customers with seamless omnichannel automated, mobile and self-service kiosk experiences.

“At UpdatePromise, our solutions have always been aimed at enhancing the customer experience through convenience, speed and transparency. GoMoto’s kiosk solution is consistent with that vision,” UpdatePromise founder and chief executive officer Curtis Nixon said.

“Integrating our communications, payments and survey platforms with GoMoto’s kiosk solutions is an ideal fit for both companies,” Nixon continued.

As a result of the partnership, UpdatePromise’s customers will immediately gain access to GoMoto’s kiosk platform, while GoMoto’s kiosk customers will be able to incorporate the UpdatePromise Consumer Experience Lifecycle Solution.

The GoMoto Kiosk Platform is a cloud-based, customizable software and hardware system that can create comprehensive, dealer‐focused solutions that can drive sales and provide customer captivating interactive technology in-store.

“We are thrilled to partner with a company whose vision and philosophies are aligned with ours,” GoMoto co‐founder and CEO Todd Marcelle said. “Both companies have developed customer centric solutions that create demonstrable differentiators for dealers and OEMs.

“Together, we will be able to provide one integrated solution to accommodate all customer preferences,” Marcelle went on to say.

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