KAR's AuctionTrac Eclipses Vehicle Tracking Milestone

CARMEL, Ind.  - 

KAR Auction Services revealed late last week that its AuctionTrac subsidiary — which uses GPS technology to pinpoint a vehicle’s location at an auction — has passed a significant milestone for tracking.

The company has now used its GPS tracking system to find more than 1 million units.

“This milestone is especially impressive considering we just started the AuctionTrac implementation process at ADESA in March of this year,” stated Michael Newman, senior vice president of AuctionTrac.

“It clearly demonstrates that AuctionTrac is working for both our employees and our customers by allowing them to find vehicles at a record-breaking pace,” he added.

Explaining more about AuctionTrac, officials contend that it has the ability to find a car’s locale anywhere on the auction lot “within seconds.” Users can tap into this info on the Web or by using their smartphones.

In light of this, thanks to demand from transporters who have been doing business with ADESA auctions, there AuctionTrac Transporter Application is undergoing testing. A submission for this app — which is geared toward the tracking needs of transporters — has been made to the Apple Store.

“Everyone — from employees and dealers to customers and transporters — benefit from the ability to quickly locate vehicles,” said David Vignes, executive vice president of enterprise optimization for KAR.

“In fact, once our customers use AuctionTrac, they want it at additional auctions. We have utilized this customer feedback in defining the order of implementation at remaining ADESA locations,” he stressed.

Additionally, KAR streamlining vehicle locating and tracking via AuctionTrac has led to labor costs going down and overall lot operations becoming more efficient, Vignes noted.

The plan is for all U.S. and Canadian ADESA auctions to fully implement AuctionTrac by September of next year.

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