KEYper Systems introduces mobile app


On Tuesday, key storage and management solutions provider KEYper Systems announced that it has recently launched  KEYper GO, a mobile key management app that pairs with its electronic key management system.

KEYper GO allows key management system users to check out and reserve keys, check the status of keys in real-time and notify co-workers when they have the key you need.

The new mobile app is now available for download with the KEYper electronic key management system.

"We are excited to bring yet another innovative solution to the KEYper line of products,” said KEYper Systems president and chief executive officer Ric Stone in a new release.

“Customers have been requesting this feature for a long time, and we are excited to deliver this application.  Integrating a mobile solution felt like the perfect way to take our industry-leading key management systems to the next level.”

The company's key management system and products are designed to help dealers organize and track the keys to vehicles on their lots.

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