LeasePlan and Allego collaborate on EV charging stations

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - 

Two companies are collaborating to ease concerns about “range anxiety.”

LeasePlan, a global leader in Car-as-a-Service, and charging solution provider Allego, recently announced a new partnership to provide LeasePlan electric vehicle (EV) customers with access to personal charge points at home and at work, accelerating the transition to zero emission mobility.

Officials highlighted the charge points can be used for all EVs, enable load-balancing and offer automatic reimbursement.

Under the agreement, LeasePlan’s EV drivers will also receive a charge card giving them access to more than 65,000 charging points across Europe, helping to address driver “range anxiety” — one of the key factors these company pointed to as holding back a zero-emission mobility revolution.

The scheme will initially be rolled out in in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. Allego will install charge points at both the driver’s home and office, as well as handling the ongoing management and maintenance.

LeasePlan customers will also be able to access Allego’s EV Cloud Services Platform, which provides access to billing, monitoring and analytics services.

“Starting electric is one of the simplest things we can all do to help tackle climate change,” LeasePlan chief executive officer Tex Gunning said.

“Through our partnership with Allego, we can now offer our customers not just electric cars, but a comprehensive EV solution, making the transition to electric mobility hassle free. It can be done with the stroke of a pen,” Gunning continued.

Allego chief executive officer Anja van Niersen added, “We’re proud to be a partner of LeasePlan. With our new partnership, we will not only enable LeasePlan to provide branded charging solutions to their customers, but also provide their EV drivers with access to more than 65,000 charging stations across Europe.

“From now on, LeasePlan’s EV drivers will only need one card to experience true cross-border mobility,” van Niersen went on to say.

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