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LotLinx welcomed Pat Ward, co-founder and former chief strategy officer of motormindz, as its chief revenue officer in mid-December. Ward has more than 25 years in sales leadership, marketing and customer advocacy.

Auto Remarketing caught up with Ward by phone this week to talk about the position. 

What attracted LotLinx's newest executive is technology.

“I just truly believe that the LotLinx product is a great technology that will be a game-changer in this industry. I’ve always been a fan of technology,” Ward said. “Coming from the OEM side of the business for a majority of my career, I wish the technology existed when I was there that would help drive traffic to dealers' websites and allow them to merchandise their inventory at the VIN-level detail.”

Previously, Ward worked for Jaguar Land Rover North America where he served as vice president of customer service, in addition to various other roles.

In his new role, Ward will be responsible for generating revenue growth and overseeing sales marketing, such as the marketing that goes along with promoting the LotLinx’s product with the dealers and OEMs.

“Being new, I’m in the process of establishing what’s important for a startup, especially a technology company like LotLinx, such as growth in terms of revenue and growth in terms of the dealer networks adopting the product,” Ward said.

Ward currently owns Creative Automotive Solutions, a consultancy that helps dealers grow revenue and increase customer satisfaction.


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