New app could save dealers trips to tower when haggling

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Dealerships know how the haggling process often unfolds; one that sometimes irks potential buyers who are sitting at the desk while the salesperson scurries to the GM tower and back.

Well, a car buying and negotiation platform is turning to mobile technology that's trying to smooth the process; perhaps saving some literal steps for store personnel.

On Wednesday, CarBlip announced the launch of its mobile app in the Southern California market. The app is a direct-to-dealer, communication-based platform that can integrate live inventory and a Swipe to Submit feature, allowing users to shop and negotiate the price of a new vehicle directly from their mobile device before visiting a physical dealership.

CarBlip, who has been backed by Science Inc., the Santa Monica, Calif.-based incubator and investment firm, was founded by a multi-generational team of industry veterans and digital natives alongside a network of strategic alliance partners.

Through proprietary technology, CarBlip is dedicated to reinventing the purchase process with a seamless and expedited vehicle buying experience. By starting the negotiation process online, CarBlip thinks consumers will be able to significantly cut their overall time at the dealership.

“There is an evolution happening within the automotive industry's digital retail space. Consumers demand more control of the car buying process and CarBlip is providing this service by allowing consumers to start the negotiation process anywhere, anytime,” said Brian Johnson, CarBlip’s co-founder and chief executive officer.

“CarBlip is focused on bringing a better car buying experience to consumers and increased sales to dealers. Our dealer partners gain additional access to car buyers, especially the digitally-focused millennials,” Johnson continued.

Currently available for iOS only, the CarBlip app is available for download nationwide and exclusive to Southern California car buyers with plans underway to quickly expand nationwide.

“Today, the car buying experience involves a time-consuming negotiation process that’s exhausting for both the buyer and the seller," said Mike Jones, co-founder and CEO of Science Inc. “CarBlip’s new platform transforms that experience so that it's easy for buyers to shop, decide, and drive off in their new car, which gives dealers more time to see more buyers.

“We’re thrilled to be working closely with the team and are eager to see how they change the automotive landscape,” Jones went on to say.

Interested dealers can find more information about CarBlip by visiting And the app is available here.

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