NY dealer group partners with Mobiliti to serve vacationers


A New York dealer group is looking to gain customers without waiting for “ups” to arrive at the showroom or store websites.

As local residents plan for summer travel, a new transportation option is available through Mobiliti, the first multi-dealer, multi-brand, national vehicle subscription service. New Yorkers who need vehicles for summer stays in The Hamptons, Jersey Shore or other vacation destinations, can subscribe to a vehicle to drive anywhere from 30 days to several months.

Beginning in June, Mobiliti is partnering with Island Auto Group to offer consumers a range of vehicles for one monthly fee that includes insurance, maintenance, warranty coverage and roadside assistance.

“A vehicle subscription service is for people who want a car but aren’t ready for ownership,” said Chance Richie, Mobiliti chief executive and co-founder.  “It’s similar to a lease, but without the things consumers dislike most about leasing including long-term contracts and upfront costs, with the added benefits of bundled insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.”

Using the Mobiliti app, available now on the App Store and Google Play, customers will be able to view available inventory at Island Auto Group after launch and select the vehicles to fit their needs and budget. Each vehicle is uniquely priced based on make, model and mileage options. There is no cost to become a Mobiliti member, but approval requires a minimum age requirement, good driving record, credit card and valid U.S. driver’s license.

“Knowing a lot of New Yorkers need a vehicle just for the summer, we are launching the Mobiliti subscription service with Island Auto Group in two phases,” Richie said.

“We’re offering limited vehicles this summer and will ramp up and increase our inventory in early fall to include a wider variety of makes and models,” Richie went on to say.

As new-vehicle sales plateau and the inventory of used vehicles increases this year, Mobiliti insisted that it can help dealers generate new business by providing customers with an alternative to leasing or buying, utilizing existing dealer inventory for a premium subscription service that can lead to additional sales.

“Mobiliti is helping to create another revenue stream and drive new customers to the showroom and service bays,” said Josh Aaronson, co-owner of Island Automotive.

“The Mobiliti platform also allows us to easily bundle mobile technology and a comprehensive insurance product with our inventory to offer a compelling subscription product to our customers” added Marcello Sciarrino, co-owner of Island Auto Group.

Mobiliti is working with Ally Financial to provide fleet financing credit facilities to qualified dealer partners. More details about that relationship is contained in a previous Auto Remarketing report, available here.

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