OneCommand Reveals Product Designed to Streamline Potential Customer Follow-up


Effective customer follow-up can be key to sealing a deal, but it takes time to make sure every potential buyer is getting the attention they need — time most dealers may not have. 

In an effort to make sure dealers take advantage of every potential lead, marketing company OneCommand revealed a new solution it contends helps dealers “communicate with prospects at key touch points in their buying cycle.”

Prospect Connect aims to simplify the follow-up process by communicating to each unsold prospect who recently asked about a vehicle purchase, officials shared.

“We know that dealers are extremely busy and struggle to find the necessary time to communicate with customers and prospects. That is why OneCommand strives to offer solutions and technology that simplify the dealer’s business,” said Jeff Hart, president and chief executive officer at OneCommand.

“Prospect Connect delivers a hassle free way to ensure all prospects receive a follow-up communication, which increases sales ready leads and minimizes precious dealership resources,” he added.

Basically, the product is designed to bring potential customers back into the dealership.

How does it do this?

The company explained that Prospect Connect delivers consistent messaging at what it calles “key touch points” in the potential buyers buying cycle, to try and help streamline the follow-up process.

“With this new product, dealers can be confident that each prospect is receiving a high quality and consistent follow-up,” the company stressed.

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