Outsell launches AI-driven inventory recommendation tool


Outsell recently launched Inventory Mover, an inventory recommendation engine that uses a real-time customer lifecycle-based approach to help dealers expedite sales.

The new artificial intelligence-driven solution identifies consumers in a dealer's DMS and CRM, pinpoints in-market consumers and predicts what VINs might appeal to specific shoppers.

"Inventory Mover significantly enhances a dealer's ability to move their inventory quicker,Outsell president Bryan Harwood said in a news release. "Outsell not only helps dealers determine who's in market, but can now match the right inventory that appeals most to individual consumers. Our dealer customers are excited about this new solution — a significant number have already subscribed to it, pre-launch."

Inventory Mover’s key features include:

  • Analyzing consumer behavior to determine which vehicles in inventory might be of interest
  • Selecting aging inventory and matching VINs to shoppers likely interested in those models
  • Daily monitoring of shopping behavior and updating recommendations

"Outsell's Inventory Mover takes AI and inventory recommendations to the next level," said Brian Pasch, founder of PCG Companies. "This solves a critical problem for dealers — accelerating inventory turnover and minimizing their carrying costs."

When Outsell’s BuyerScout software alerts dealers to in-market buyers, they can automatically highlight and match shoppers with specific inventory.

As inventory is rotated, Inventory Mover updates recommendations and gives dealers the option to either automate the highlighting process or choose individually, according to the company.

Each message delivered to consumers is unique. Inventory Mover shares its inventory recommendations in real-time via automated, individualized emails.

Additionally, Outsell has also recently introduced five new product packages for dealers titled Optimize, Capitalize, Specialize, Socialize and Maximize.

"Outsell's new packages help dealers quickly determine what they need for digital marketing," added Harwood.

"Nearly all our customers use a combination of Outsell solutions. Our new packages expand their ability to automatically and continually engage their consumers throughout their lifecycle, drive measurable sales and profit results, and save them some money," he said.

For additional information about Inventory Mover or Outsell's new product packages, visit outsell.com.

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