Quorum Reveals Integration with VinSolutions; Earns Highest Certification from Chrysler


Dealer management services company Quorum recently announced it has integrated its DMS XSellerator with a popular suite of customer relationship management products.

In an effort to best serve its dealer customers, the company has integrated XSellerator with VinSolutions. Quorum customers that choose to use the advanced CRM capabilities of VinSolutions will have access to automated data feeds from XSellerator to the VinSolutions CRM system, the company said.

Furthermore, deals created in VinSolutions can be electronically pushed back to XSellerator to complete and book the sale.

Commenting on the news, Mark Allen, Quorum's vice president of sales, marketing and services, said,  "This announcement is a part of our core strategic direction regarding third party integration that was announced about this time last year.

“Quorum has developed many system-level interfaces over the past couple of years that enable our customers to choose among the highly valuable and diverse tools available to them. We endeavor to be the dealer management system partner that helps dealers select and choose the tools and technology that meet their specific business needs. By offering true seamless and two-way integration with leading systems in the CRM arena (and others), we ensure that when they make those selections, the workflow within the dealership makes sense," he continued, highlighting the potential benefits for dealers.

Earlier in the year, the company announced integration with DealerSocket, as well. This partnership now allows for full two-way integration with DelaerSocket through XSellerator.

In other recent news from the company, Quorum also revealed it will earn the highest available integration certification with Chrysler for its XSellerator.

"This is an exciting announcement for us. Seamless integration within the departments of a dealership, as well as with the many touch points with the manufacturer, is a cornerstone of Quorum's DMS philosophy. We believe that tighter integration between the factory and the dealer brings efficiency to their operations,” said Allen.

“But, Quorum also believes that the value is not just meeting manufacturers' data exchange specifications. Rather, it is how the data is used within the DMS to benefit the dealership. This is something that has set us apart in the market since the system was first launched. We are looking forward to becoming a significant part of the Chrysler dealer network in both the US and Canada," he added.

The updated chart will be published by Chrysler on their DealerConnect portal showing Quorum as having deployed all required factory integration, thus achieving the Red Star level of certification once the pilot period with Quorum's flagship Dodge dealer, Dodge of Burnsville, is completed, the company explained.

Mark Saba, general manager of Dodge of Burnsville, also expressed his enthusiasm, noting, Quorum has been a great company to work with as they obtained this notable achievement,"

"We were a part of the journey since they started with Chrysler and they worked closely with us to truly understand the unique nuances of being a retailer of the Chrysler brand franchises. The result is a DMS that truly works for us and other Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealers across North America," he concluded.

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