Reynolds Now Providing Training for Dealers on Maximizing eBay Motors Listings

DAYTON, Ohio  - 

With some of the Reynolds Consulting team members earning official designation as eBay eDealer Certified Consultants, the company is now offering a new program aimed at helping dealers maximize their listings on eBay Motors.

This will feature in-dealership training as well as coaching from Reynolds consultants on using the eBay Operations Blueprint.

“What we see time and time again is that dealers need to balance three elements when implementing any change in the dealership: people, process, and technology,” said Robert Moore, the head of the Reynolds Consulting team. “Our work with the eBay Motors Operations Blueprint is designed around these three elements in order to help dealers achieve better results from listing their vehicles for sale on eBay Motors.”

To build the eBay listing process consulting program, Reynolds Consulting Services blended training materials from eBay Motors with Reynolds’ complementary dealer process training, the company said.

The program can be tailored to the specific needs and processes of each dealership, no matter what lead-tracking tools or dealership management system the store uses.

“The training can benefit first-time users of eBay Motors by helping them start with a sound implementation plan and processes; for dealers who are already using eBay Motors, the training can help improve their utilization and results,” Reynolds noted.

Reynolds consultants can guide dealers in assessing their resources and adjusting processes, while also helping them put the best practices of eBay Motors into place.

Dealers are also offered training on setting up their eBay storefront, developing an ideal photo booth, choosing the right vehicle mix, targeting the right listing and pricing strategy, and lead management.

Reynolds consultants had to complete a training and evaluation program from eBay Motors in order to receive this certification. Some of their tasks included mastering eBay Motors best practices and passing tests on a slew of topics.

More specifically, those areas include things like being able to create listings that would be attractive to bidders, bid and lead management, vehicle contracting and shipping, and online digital reputation management.


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