Text Message Leads Offer New Way to Connect Dealers, Buyers

BANGOR, Maine - 

Smartphone texting integrated with a dealership’s website is the offering of TextUps.com, a recently-announced hang-tag lead system.

A tool aimed at after-hours shoppers and those who don’t want to get out of their vehicles, TextUps.com is available in 22 states and offers dealers a new way to connect with prospective buyers.

“When a shopper wants more information, they simply text the stock number on the hang-tag,” said John McKinnon, co-founder of TextUps.com. “Within seconds of sending the text, the shopper receives an automatic text reply containing information about that specific vehicle.

“The dealership is then sent a TextUps lead into their CRM containing the shopper’s mobile phone number and a link to the vehicle they expressed an interest in,” he said.
According to James Fletcher, in customer service for TextUps, text leads are where emailed leads were 15 years ago.

“We are on the leading edge," said Fletcher. “TextUps couldn’t be easier to use; the dealership just needs to hang the tags and wait for the leads to roll in. We professionally print and ship everything. We don’t use QR codes.

“Most importantly, you get the shopper’s mobile phone number. This is what sets TextUps apart from other lead providers,” he said.

Dan Dyer, TextUps representative for Dallas, explains the service to dealers like this: “In this day and age, it just makes good sense to text vehicle information to your shopper’s mobile phone.”

For a free demo kit, visit www.TextUps.com.

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