Virtual storefront 5miles launches new DMS integration

CARY, N.C. - 

After hearing from the growing community of dealers using its mobile app to move inventory, startup 5miles integrated its platform with the Frazer dealership management system.

The mobile marketplace recently announced an integration with Frazer DMS is the company’s latest partnership.

“Dealers were flocking to 5miles to use our platform to sell more cars and the initial approach is where mobile, dealers would go out to their lot and take photos of their inventory add a description and publish their cars on the five miles app,” said 5miles general manager Rick Cantu in a phone interview.

“Based on our conversations with dealers, they kept asking us 'Hey, it would be really neat if you guys could integrate with our dealer management systems.' As we started becoming better versed in the car industry we realized this is something that dealers are asking for.”

With the integration, when dealers upload their vehicles’ descriptions and prices into their DMS platforms they can push a button and all of that inventory is pushed on to the 5miles app that they have come to enjoy using.

Cantu said the integration is an opportunity for 5miles to better serve its customers and get their inventory to its network of millions of users across the U.S. much faster.

“Frazer was one of our first partners who said 'Absolutely, we’d love to work with you.' And they have dedicated a lot of technical resources to help us get this project going, and now we have a good number of dealers who use Frazer to push inventory from their DMS platform onto the 5miles app,” said Cantu.

“Our users ask us for these integrations and we’ll continue to expand our slate of available offerings” added Cantu.

5miles started off as a mobile marketplace app intended to attract users interested in a platform to sell and buy anything such as sporting goods, electronics, clothing, furniture items, but cars has become one of the company’s top performing categories.

“As we grew our user base and our marketplace across 15 plus cities in the U.S., we noticed that cars was becoming one of our fastest growing categories and with that growth came the smaller to midsized car dealers that we learned were using our app,” said Cantu.

According to 5miles’ director of sales Jon Bailey, the appeal with car sellers is that 5miles is a mobile marketplace where you can create listings easily just after taking a photo and providing a description.

“Organically we’ve gotten a lot of traction from car sellers that way; it takes a lot less time than it typically has with some of the desktop sites where they can list their vehicles,” said Bailey.

There are an estimated 8,000 dealers on 5miles and an estimated 60,000 people search for cars on the app every day, according to 5miles.

The start-up also celebrated its second year in business this year; currently there are 1,700 cars are sold daily and another 5,000 are listed every day.

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