Women-Drivers.com Adds New Features, Enhances Brand Reputation Tools


Women-Drivers.com — a site which connects women and families to certified Women-Drivers Friendly Dealers — recently added new features to its free brand reputation management tools that can help dealers engage and interact with potential customers, site officials explained.
These new tools include access to in-depth analytics regarding female car buyers, as well as enhanced review tools, which allow dealers to directly interact with online reviewers.

Furthermore, the site has received an aesthetic facelift, as well, giving it "more attractive colors and easier navigation tools for consumers," the company noted.

“Women-Drivers.com provides women a broader choice about where to buy and service their vehicles and connects them with Certified Women-Drivers Friendly Dealers in their respective cities”, said company president Anne Fleming, while explaining what the site is designed to do.

“We have taken a proactive step in upgrading our services to meet the demands of dealerships embracing the benefits of our dealer reputation site.  The increasingly growing numbers of ‘certified’ dealers warranted expanding our offerings,” she added.

Delving more into the new offerings, site officials noted that participating dealers can now view positive reviews which are automatically posted through an application into a dealership’s social channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

As a result, dealers can now  more easily engage and interact with reviewers and acknowledge their comments.

Furthermore, all viewers can now not only read the reviews, but also the conversation thread between dealership and consumer.

This can prove helpful for dealers, since many consumers gauge a business on how they treat their customers. If a viewer is impressed by how a dealer interacts with their current customers, it might attract them to the dealer's rooftop in the future.

Another perk now available to dealerships through the site is access to the  Womens Satisfaction Index report and analytics. The information in this report is pulled from the reviews written by women about their experience at a particular dealership.

“Our multi-section report allows for a clear understanding into the behaviors and experiences of your customers in three categories: buying, servicing and browsing, including WSI by salesperson,” officials noted.
The monthly report also provides a way for dealers to see who is browsing their inventory, and potentially turn them into buyers.

Company officials also explained how these tools can become available to dealers.

The site explained “that when a dealership meets the criteria and becomes Certified Women-Drivers Friendly,  they are immediately notified and receive a toolkit with a ‘certified’ seal and can begin using it in their on- and off-line marketing and advertising.”

The dealers that make the cut are also provided with search engine optimized techniques which typically result in page one placement for local search engines, officials further explained.

Jeffrey Mountain, Internet manager of Monroeville Chrysler Jeep located in Monroeville, Pa. — and early adopter of the SEO and marketing tools available through the site — said: “Women-Drivers.com has enabled us to not only build our business through testimonials but also to educate us and our staff.

“As one of the top rated dealerships in the country, these tools provide facts and real feedback that are helpful for not only for our entire dealership but most importantly the sales professionals,” he continued.


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