40 Under 40: Brent Chavez

Brent Chavez, SecureClose
CARY, N.C. - 

Having earned a degree in digital media and graphic design, Brent Chavez got an opportunity to put his education to work, landing a contract gig doing branding work for an Arizona car dealer.

Turns out, that was more than just a one-time job.

“Throughout that process, I got to know the owner of the dealership, Ace Christian — also the founder of SecureClose — and was asked to come to work for him full time. I started as an office assistant doing design work when I could, and administrative work when necessary, and over time worked my way up to vice president of the company,” Chavez said.

“Eventually, Ace and I developed the idea of SecureClose, and I moved on from the dealership to pursue that full time. I appreciate and admire that there are car dealers out here doing honest work — that there is a market for SecureClose and our desire to promote integrity, consistency and a level playing field between dealers and consumers,” he said. “The acceptance of our product shows that we are in an industry that genuinely cares about their customers.”

In his current role, Chavez said his duty, largely, is to make the SecureClose experience “simple, fair and unbiased.” He also heads up the company’s development team.

As someone who is “more comfortable playing it safe,” Chavez said he is proud of the chances he has taken to explore uncharted territory.

“I have had many opportunities in my professional career to sail away from the shore and pursue the unknown, and I am proud that in nearly all of those cases, I have done so. By nature, I must admit that I am more comfortable playing it safe,” he said. “That being said, co-founding SecureClose, helping to bring it from an idea to a working product that has helped tens of thousands of car buyers get a complete, fair explanation of what they are agreeing to when they make that decision to buy — one of the biggest decisions of many people’s lives — is incredibly gratifying to me.”

When asked to name some of the people he admires professionally, Chavez points to two of the people he has worked closely with at SecureClose, among others.

“Ace Christian, SecureClose’s CEO, has been incredibly influential in my life. Since the day I met him, he has demonstrated a willingness to take great risks to pursue the things that he believes in, and has been a great model of integrity,” Chavez said.  “He has given me the guidance and opportunity to do the same throughout my career.

“I also have a great respect for Steve Levine, who served as the chief legal officer for SecureClose for several years. Steve believes passionately in our mission as a company, and in me as a professional, and has been extremely generous and helpful as a mentor,” he said. “I am grateful that I have had professionals around me who are willing to give their time to help make me better at what I do.”


Brent Chavez, 32, is the creative director and vice president of operations at SecureClose.

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