Alfa Romeo, Ford & Kia Super Bowl ads bring web traffic spike


During Super Bowl LI on Sunday, media, insights and marketing solutions company Jumpstart Automotive Media monitored auto shoppers visiting its portfolio of publishers in a time-trended series to see how traffic fluctuated when ads aired.

Alfa Romeo, Ford, and Kia saw the highest share of traffic throughout the game according to the data and insights published in company’s annual advertising performance report released on Tuesday.

Alfa Romeo, the top performing brand of the night, aired three commercials during the game.

“One minute after the first commercial aired, overall site traffic increased tenfold, and four of the top five searched terms included Alfa Romeo. After the second commercial aired the site reached its highest numbers in traffic and eight out of the top ten searched terms included Alfa Romeo,” said Jumpstart in a news release.

In a seperate analysis, reported a 1,179-percent spike in online traffic for the Italian car brand’s pages.

Meanwhile, Jumpstart indicated that the most popular Alfa Romeo model searched for was the Giulia.

“The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting categories for brands to go after, and this year’s auto advertisers made especially impressive moves,” said Jumpstart vice president of marketing and strategic insights Libby Murad-Patel in a news release.

“Of course, it’s not unusual for automakers to weave current events and themes into their Super Bowl spots, but we saw this year’s advertisers take that concept to a whole new level—especially on the political front. From Ford (mobility) and Kia (eco-consciousness) to Audi (equality) and a never-before-seen post-game production from Hyundai, these brands built new experiences, connected with consumers in new ways, and proved that the love of cars and driving really is stronger than ever.”

The five brands that drove the top increases in traffic also had the highest share of active pages viewed in the two minutes following the run of their ad. 

Below is Jumpstart's recap: 

Alfa Romeo Giulia "Dear Predictable"
Length of spot: 30 seconds
Placement in game:Fourth Quarter
Share of active pages: 60%

Ford "Go Further"
Length of spot: 90 seconds
Placement in game: Between coin toss and kickoff
Share of active pages: 40%

KIA Niro "Heroes Journey"
Length of spot: 60 seconds
Placement in game:Third auarter
Share of active pages: 28%

Lexus LC 500 "Man & Machine"
Length of spot: 30 seconds
Placement in game: Second quarter
Share of active pages: 25%

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster “Easy Rider”
Length of spot:30
Placement in game: Third quarter
Share of active pages: 10%

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