Asian OEMs Headline DealerRater Consumer Rating Index

WALTHAM, Mass. - 

Two Asian automakers ranked highest based on consumer-written dealership reviews, according to the Consumer Rating Index (CRI) for Auto Manufacturers released by DealerRater.

Topping the list among luxury brand was Lexus, while Hyundai headlined the list for mass market manufacturers.

Along with overall rankings, the CRI ranked automotive manufacturers within the “Luxury” and “Mass Market” brand categories.

Lexus ranked highest in the luxury category, with a score of 4.741, followed by Volvo (4.704), Mercedes-Benz (4.703), Audi (4.693) and Acura (4.687).

Among mass market brands, Hyundai was top ranked with a score of 4.719, followed by Buick (4.709), Honda (4.695), Kia (4.687) and Subaru (4.686).

“The CRI provides a comprehensive view of consumer sentiment because feedback is not limited to customers who purchased a vehicle and includes shoppers as well as service customers,” DealerRater chief executive officer Gary Tucker said.

“A consumer can write a review about all aspects of their experience with a dealer on DealerRater,” Tucker continued. “With this level of insight, dealers have a metric indicating whether they should reevaluate their business practices. Consumers can also use this index as a starting point when looking for a dealership that will provide the best shopping experience.”

CRI rankings were calculated by averaging consumer ratings of individual dealerships posted to Ratings are based on a five-point scale, representing consumer feedback on all levels of the buying experience, including customer service, quality of work, friendliness, price and overall experience.

The CRI is based on 330,000 verified reviews gathered during a 120month period from March of last year through the same month this year.

For consideration, mass market OEMs must have received 1,000 reviews and premium OEMs must have received 500 reviews during this time period. The rankings are based on numerical averages of all reviews that are attributed to a specific OEM.

Mass Market Rankings

1. Hyundai: 4.719
2. Buick: 4.709
3. Honda: 4.695
4. Kia: 4.687
5. Subaru: 4.686
6. Ford: 4.682
7. GMC: 4.672
8. Toyota; 4.669
9. Volkswagen: 4.664
10, Chevrolet; 4.661
11. Fiat: 4.651
12. Ram: 4.644
13. Mini: 4.630
14. Mazda: 4.629
15. Jeep: 4.623
16. Chrysler: 4.595
17. Nissan: 4.588
18. Mitsubishi: 4.581
19. Dodge: 4.578
20, Scion: 4.574

Luxury Rankings

1. Lexus: 4.741
2. Volvo: 4.704
3. Mercedes-Benz: 4.703
4. Audi: 4.693
5. Acura: 4.687
6. Lincoln: 4.675
7. Infiniti: 4.665
8. Porsche: 4.664
9. Cadillac: 4.611
10. BMW: 4.600
11. Jaguar: 4.555
12. Land Rover: 4.486


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