Autotrader joins Disney Pixar for promo with "Cars 3" cast


Autotrader has launched a television advertising campaign with Disney Pixar's “Cars 3,” which includes a 30-second television commercial featuring members of the well-known cast that will debut on television during the 2017 NBA Playoffs on TNT.

"Collaborating with Disney Pixar's 'Cars 3' was a natural fit for Autotrader for more than the obvious reason of the spotlight our iconic brands share within the automotive space," Autotrader vice president of marketing Jessica Stafford said in a news release.

"Much like the Cars franchise, Autotrader shares a personal connection with people of all ages and at all life stages, and we feel this is reflected in the playful content we developed with the Disney and Pixar teams to further drive excitement for our brand and the upcoming premiere of 'Cars 3'."

The new commercial encourages viewers to find the car that best fits their lifestyle and concludes with the tagline – "Every car has a personality. Find the one that fits yours at Autotrader."

Autotrader said the ad targets key demographic groups such as such as Millennials, Hispanics and families.

Additionally, the campaign will be presented on Hulu, ESPN Deportes Radio, and Autotrader’s social media channels.

The 30-second commercial, titled "Every Car Has a Personality," is currently available on YouTube.  

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