DeVere: Green Marketing to Women in 2014


Men and women shop for products differently, and one of the key differences is the question of environmental impact.  Women have historically been the early adopters of all things green, so it's important to understand how “green” marketing can improve your reach with women consumers.  With Earth Day this month, let's talk a little bit about ways to bring some green into your marketing efforts, winning trust and loyalty with women.  Women consumers are motivated by causes that mean something to them, and Earth Day is the perfect time to play up the green!

Green Car Care Tips

For the service provider, utilizing green car care tips and practices to help your women customers burn less fuel, produce less emissions, and drive greener will position you as not only an expert technician, but someone who truly cares about the causes she supports.  Here are a few green car tips you can utilize in your checkups and consultations:

  • Getting a tune-up can improve gas mileage by an average of 4 percent.
  • Avoid sudden starts and stops and go the speed limit. Jerky and aggressive driving decreases your miles per gallon (MPG) and increases wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Get the junk out of the trunk!  Extra items weigh the vehicle down and cause an increase in gas usage.
  • A cooling system thermostat that causes the engine to run too cold will lower the fuel efficiency of a car by as much as one or two mpg.
  • Check your vehicle’s gas cap. A loose, damaged or missing gas caps means gas is evaporating, harming the environment and wasting money.
  • When filling up your car, remember to stop when the nozzle shuts off! Topping off the gas tank can release harmful vapors into the environment and waste money.
  • Replace your car’s fuel filter every two years or 24,000 miles and have your fuel injectors flushed our every 30,000 miles.

Green Tire Tips and More

Another great green car tip deals with tires — reminding and emphasizing the importance of proper tire pressure will help your customers get the most MPG, and decrease wear on their tires as well.  For the savvy tire dealer, familiarizing yourself with the manufacturers who make green tires can also help you win the hearts of your women customers.

  • Michelin's Green X tires feature low rolling resistance, improved fuel efficiency, and decreased pollution.
  • Bridgestone Ecopia tires reduce rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Yokohama uses orange oil in place of some petroleum-based products in their tires.
  • Hankook's Kontrol Technology creates tires that will last longer.
  • Goodyear's Assurance Fuel Max tires are designed specifically to save fuel.
  • The Scorpion Verde by Pirelli is a high mileage, eco-friendly tire that's designed to increase MPG and decrease emissions.

What else can you do?

In the auto industry, the existing regulations mean you're already pretty green.  However, since to us practices like tire recycling are business-as-usual, you may not be properly educating your customers that these practices exist!  Inform your customers of your existing green practices, and augment those with a few extra small steps. 

Switching from incandescent to CFL bulbs, using recycled products in your office, or even utilizing products made of recycled tires such as flooring, mulch, and more can really help to emphasize your green-friendly stance and go a long way to improve women consumer's impression of your business. 

Take small steps to be a little greener, and before you know it, you'll be the talk of the town among women customers!

Jody DeVere is the CEO of

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