Full-size luxury shopper interest increases, alternative fuel remains leading segment

The all-new Lexus LS to enter the market in 2018. Shopper interest in the luxury model nearly doubled 89 percent in September. Photo courtesy of Lexus.

While the alternative fuel segment has remained the leading category in shopper interest growth since January, consumers are also showing increased interest in full-size luxury sedans, according to the latest monthly share of shopper interest data from Jumpstart Automotive Media.

The report reveals that shopper interest in full-size luxury sedans grew a notable 15 percent last month.

The segments increased interest can be attributed to the rise in interest for the upcoming all-new Lexus LS to enter the market next year.

Shopper interest for the luxury model nearly doubled 89 percent in September, according to Jumpstart.

Meanwhile, just percentage points behind Genesis’s overall brand shopper interest at plus-146 percent, the report suggests that Tesla, the second in overall brand shopper interest at plus-141 percent, has led alternative fuel segment shopper interest growth since January.

“Despite a continued stable gas price environment, interest in alternative fuel vehicles continues to rise, which is a testament to the sincere interest and quality of vehicles produced by Tesla, as well as continued interest in the new Chevrolet Bolt and Toyota Prius Prime,” Jumpstart strategic insights senior analyst Brian Miller said in a news release.

Additionally, although year-over-year interest in midsize pickups is currently down 11 percent, following interest decline from May through August, the report shows interest in the segment has increased 8 percent following anticipation of the new Nissan Frontier.

Share of interest for the model spiked 40 percent in September, according to Jumpstart.

“It’s interesting to see the Nissan Frontier have such an impact on midsize pickups, which recently has seen share of interest erode due to shoppers being pulled into similarly sized crossovers and SUV segments,” said Miller.

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