J.D. Power: Top 10 Cars From 2013 Vehicle Dependability Study


The fewer problems a buyer has with a vehicle purchased, the more likely he or she is to return to a dealer’s lot. The bottom line: Selling dependable rides can help dealers foster customer loyalty. To show dealers what units customers should be looking for to find a safe, reliable ride, J.D. Power and Associates posted a list of the Top 10 passenger cars with the fewest owner-reported problems from its 2013 Vehicle Dependability study.

The list, revealed in a  recent post on the J.D. Power "AutoMotion" blog,  includes mostly luxury rides, such as the Lexus ES 350 and Buick Lucerne.

Interestingly, the Audi A6 and Toyota Avalon tied for fifth place. 

In the 2013 Vehicle Dependability Study, the following (2010 model-year) passenger car models received the 10 lowest PP100 scores, meaning they were the cars with the fewest problems in the 2013 VDS.

They are listed below, in order beginning with the most-dependable model:

1) Lexus ES 350

2) Buick Lucerne

3) Lexus LS 460

4) Lincoln MKZ

5a) Audi A6

5b) Toyota Avalon

7) Cadillac DTS

8) Chevrolet Camaro

9) Cadillac CTS

10) Volvo S80

To see the full blog post with commentary from J.D. Power editors, see here.

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