No falling LEAF values — here's why

IRVINE, Calif.  - 

The car whose late-model auction values showed the most positive change during the fourth quarter?

According to a Kelley Blue Book analysis, it was an electric vehicle:  the Nissan LEAF.

This took place, even amid gas prices that tumbled more than 14 percent.

Specifically, KBB Auction Values on model-years 2012 through 2014 LEAF vehicles were up 3 percent in Q4 from where they were in the third quarter.

Average gas prices fell $0.32 in Q4, a decline of 14.2 percent, KBB reported.

“Despite the continued drop in fuel prices, the Nissan LEAF was the best performing vehicle across all segments, appreciating 3 percent, or roughly $300,” KBB analyst Sean Foyil said in the latest Blue Book Market Report.

“This rebound could be attributed to consumers now finding the current value of electric vehicles more attractive at their current price point following months of steady declines,” Foyil said.

After the LEAF was the Ford Taurus, whose values were up 0.8 percent in Q4, followed by three models that trended flatly (Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford E350 Super Duty Cargo, Honda CR-Z).


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