Report Unveils Brand Exposure Rankings for Auto Brands


When a commercial comes on the television advertising the latest model from an OEM, or a print ad boasts the best vehicle on the market, which brands seem to catch consumers’ eyes the most?

According  to social analytics company General Sentiment’s inaugural Auto MediaMatch Report, Ford is the top auto brand with $90.2 million of impact media value — which measures a brand’s reach, placing a value on the overall level of discussion and exposure for the brand.

Following on the Blue Oval's heels were  Chrysler ($89.6 million), Honda ($89.6 million), Toyota ($72.1 million) and Mercedes-Benz ($71.4 million), rounding out the top five of the 29 automotive brands General Sentiment analyzed between March 1 and May 31 of this year.

BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Nissan and Hyundai complete the top ten, officials shared.

“There is no doubt the auto industry has faced its fair share of troubles over the last few years. Financial crisis, quality issues, poor management and the Japanese tsunami hurt top automakers, forcing some into bankruptcy,” said Ari Kahn, chief executive officer of General Sentiment.

“However, our inaugural report shows that the auto industry is back on its feet with improved revenues and profits. And the top auto brands are not only focusing on producing innovative products; they’re also finding new ways of reaching the consumer through new media,” he continued.

And the report also touched on another question, as well: How does an OEM match its advertisements to the best audience?

The report used General Sentiment’s MediaMatch technology to match three of the leading automotive brands — Ford, GM and BMW — to the most suitable TV shows based on audience interest.

“With the competition fiercer than ever, knowing consumers and how to reach them is crucial for auto brands. General Sentiment’s MediaMatch technology offers automakers the edge they need to remain competitive and achieve success,” the company said.

“MediaMatch will ensure that the auto brands are putting their ad dollars around the most suitable media — the media that will help them reach their target consumer and best market their products,” officials added. 

Interestingly, the company found the results for the three brands were rather similar.

In fact, "SportsCenter", "MythBusters", "The Daily Show", the Grammy Awards and "Glee" are top matches for all three automakers.

The top ten TV show matches based on overlap with the Ford audience:

1.       SportsCenter
2.       MythBusters
3.       The Daily Show
4.       The Simpsons
5.       Nightline
6.       The Grammy Awards
7.       American Idol
8.       Dog Whisperer
9.       Glee
10.    The Big Bang Theory

The top ten TV show matches based on overlap with General Motors’ audience:

1.       SportsCenter
2.       MythBusters
3.       Nightline
4.       The Daily Show
5.       The Grammy Awards
6.       The Simpsons
7.       60 Minutes
8.       Glee
9.       American Idol
10.    Fox & Friends
The top ten TV show matches based on overlap with BMW’s audience:

1.       SportsCenter
2.       The Simpsons
3.       MythBusters
4.       The Big Bang Theory
5.       The Daily Show
6.       The Grammy Awards
7.       Family Guy
8.       South Park
9.       Glee
10.    The Oscars
To download a full copy of General Sentiment’s  Auto MediaMatch report, visit here. 

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