Top 10 places where oldest used cars are bought

Downtown Portland, Ore.

While 2-year-old and 3-year-old cars might be the most attractive used choices for some, there are parts of the country where there’s considerable demand for older options.

In fact, research shows that Americans who buy the oldest cars live in Portland, Ore.

Out of the top 50 most populated metropolitan areas in the United States, Portland is the place where Americans buy the oldest used-cars, according to research findings released by LendingTree on Thursday.

On average, Portlanders have sought vehicles 7.45-years-old, while 6.02 is the average vehicle age among the 50 metro areas examined.

Portland is not alone, across the country there are places where consumers have purchased a high concentration of older used-vehicles.

The study identifies nine other metro areas that represent the largest used-car buying populations in the country, including Salt Lake City, Seattle and Virginia Beach, Va.

Additionally, the LendingTree study also took a look at what parts of the country want newer used options the most.

“Florida drivers really prefer newer used models. Miami car buyers wanted used-cars under the 5-year-old mark,” LendingTree said in a news release.

Among used-purchases in Miami, the average age of vehicles is 4.76-years, followed by Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa, where the average age doesn’t exceed 5.86 years, according to the study.

Furthermore, Chevrolet is the most popular make among people buying used vehicles, according to the research. It is the leading brand among 17 of the top 25 cities where older used-cars are most popular.

And while Nissan came in as the second-most popular brand, American brands are most popular among drivers in places where the oldest used cars are purchased. For example, Ford is the most dominant brand in Portland.

LendingTree explained that, “only six out of the top 25 cities buying older used cars favored foreign brands.”

In addition to Portland, Nissan dominates another four areas and Toyota heads one.

LendingTree said last year it analyzed auto loan offers for cars and light trucks with model years less than 2017.

Below are the top 10 places where Americans buy the oldest used cars, along with the average vehicle age:


Portland, Ore.



Salt Lake City






Virginia Beach, Va.



Richmond, Va.



Sacramento, Calif.






Louisville, Ky.



Hartford, Conn.





Click here, for a full of a full list of the U.S. metro areas, as well as more information about the study.

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