Toyota Expands Reach of 2012 Children's Dream Car Art Contest

TOYOTA CITY, Japan  - 

After recently revealing the winners of this year’s Dream Car Art Contest, Toyota announced Tuesday that it will be holding the contest for the sixth year, as well as expanding the reach of the event to include 80 countries and regions.

The automaker will be accepting entries from Oct. 1 to Jan. 31 for the contest that is open to children 15 and younger.

Held since 2004, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest aims to create opportunities for children to develop an interest in cars by inspiring them to draw their “dream cars,” under the theme of “Your Dream — The Car of the Future.”

How does one enter the contest? Just draw a picture on A3-size paper using any materials and submit it to the Toyota administrative office in the respective country or region. Between the first contest (2004) and the fifth (2010), TMC received approximately 180,000 entries, officials noted.

The territorial scope of this year's contest has been expanded from Asia to include North, Central, and South America; Europe; Africa; Oceania and the Middle East.

Winning entries in each National Contest in February 2012 will be submitted to the World Contest, which will be held in Japan in May 2012, with Bronze Prize, Silver Prize, and Gold Prize entries, as well as other works of distinction, being selected.

In addition, a President Toyoda Prize winner will be selected from among the Bronze Prize, Silver Prize, and Gold Prize-winning entries.

Prize winners will then be invited to attend an award ceremony to be held in August 2012 in Japan. Information on the contest for each country can be found here.

Auto Remarketing reported on this year’s winners of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest here.



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