Why Confidence Among Women Customers is Key Before Lot Visit


It’s been said that, "business success comes with being receptive to change." What changes at car dealerships would increase sales? Changes range from who is buying, what’s being sold, to technology, safety and design features, new styles and designs, and certainly new methods and ways to sell, buy and research cars.

Women shop and buy cars differently than men. Females spend more time on market research, dealership comparison and showroom visits. The majority of women car buyers perform their car review and dealer review research online from the comfort of their homes or through their smart phones.

Here’s why:

  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • No Pressure
  • Time Saving:  Locate dealers that have a great public reputation
  • Ease:  Locate dealerships quickly

If your online presence makes a woman buyer confident that you are the trusted dealer to go to, you can grow your sales.  Here is how to market to women before they walk into your door.

Reviews: Strategically Build Confidence in Your Dealership

In a recent report by Digital Air Strike, virtually seven in 10 car buyers said that car dealer reviews impacted which dealership they went to and ultimately purchased from.

Are you taking reviews seriously?

Here’s some more compelling information: Women are almost 50 percent more likely than men to rely on reviews. Why? They don’t want to waste their time and go to a dealership that doesn’t take them seriously. J.D. Power reports that women give higher scoring reviews than men do. By asking women buyers to review your store you can easily increase your number of reviews — and, your overall rating!

This is a strategic lo-cost way to increase dealership awareness and share your buyer’s experiences with others. Through positive online reviews, it’s easy to build a strong brand reputation, and increase your sales.

Certified Dealers: The Ultimate Confidence for Women

If your store is Certified Women+Family Friendly, you are already far ahead of the competition. These distinguished dealers have a great advantage. They have been rated “Certified” by their very own women customers. Women customers travel farther to visit these certified stores after reading reviews from their peers. The bottom line is these dealers sell more cars and have higher CSI scores.

Inviting customers to write reviews shows your openness to transparency and to receive feedback. And, inherently demonstrates your dealership is already women+family friendly. Reviews serve as a great source for prospective consumers to filter dealership choices.

Attracting women buyers to your dealership is an important aspect because often women will only walk into the store if they have heard of it from media, online of word of mouth, i.e. family or friends. If you are able to attract customers and instill confidence in them, this will make the car selling process much easier. 

Ensure Your Customers Write the Best Possible Reviews

As a dealership, train your sales and services team members to deliver the ultimate car buying experience to women buyers. Some of the core basics include:

  • Respectfully greet them.
  • Understand, listen, listen and listen
  • Learn about each women’s  car needs and wants – never assume.
  • Be easy to talk to and friendly.
  • Provide women with relevant information and valuable guidance.
  • Ask for reviews.

By focusing on these little things, women will be interested in buying from you. Also, when a woman decides to purchase or lease a few years from now, your dealership is likely be her first choice of preference.

Editor's Note: Anne Fleming is president and car-buying advocate of Women-Drivers.com and a guest contributor to Auto Remarketing. She was also recognized as one of AR's 2013 Women in Remarketing.

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