Women-Drivers.com Releases List of Top Automakers for Service


For dealers, service visits serve as a way to interact and check in with current customers — a convenient way to foster customer loyalty. And Women-drivers.com has just released a list that shows which dealers are succeeding in providing superior service after purchase, according to female customers' ratings.

Topping the list of highest ranked servicing car brands by women are two luxury nameplates, Mercedes-Benz (4.71) and Acura (4.67).

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz also recently topped a list released by the site that showed the overall top car brands as rated by women. 

After tracking thousands of consumer reviews with regards to womens' purchasing and browsing experiences at dealerships, the site found that the luxury nameplate took the highest score in both categories.

Mercedes-Benz scored a 4.89 for purchasing experience and a 4.59 for browsing at a dealership experience.

On the site, dealerships’ scores range from 1.0 to 5.0 on the its Women Satisfaction Index (WSI).

Honda and BMW followed the two leaders closely behind in the servicing department with scores of 4.62 and 4.57, respectively.

Why are these numbers so important? The site stressed that with “women accounting for about two-thirds of all dealership service visits,” it is important for dealers to research what practices best suit their female customers.

Further explaining this logic, Anne Fleming, president of the site, noted, “The average customer buys a new car every 40 months, according to NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association). However, during the same time duration, those customers make an estimated ten visits to a dealer's service lane. These interactions are crucial to a dealership for several reasons.

“There is a higher rate of net income that is derived from the service department, for starters; and if a she has a good experience, there is a much higher probability she will be returning to this dealership to buy, especially if she is staying with that brand,” she continued.  “Brands that maintain very strong WSI servicing scores are continuously meeting women’s expectations.

“It's all about trust and treatment,” she concluded.

And just what were these brands’ dealers scored on? Site officials cited the following:

—Ease of scheduling service appointment.

—Receiving an estimate prior to work being completed.

—Being kept informed of the progress or any changes and the financial implications of those changes.

—Being treated respectfully.

—Work being completed to satisfaction.

—Car being cleaned.

—Plans to have service work done there in the future.

And with the average rating for all brands coming in at a 4.04, a few brands on the list hit below the desired mark.

Volkswagen and Chevrolet sat at the bottom of the list of the rated 15, with scores of 3.87 and 3.85 respectively.

Here is the complete list of the 15 brands with the highest servicing WSI scores at new car dealerships, according to Women-drivers.com: 

1. Mercedes-Benz: 4.71

2. Acura: 4.67

3. Honda: 4.62

4. BMW: 4.57

5. Lexus: 4.42

6. Buick: 4.23

7. Toyota: 4.18

8. GMC: 4.16

9. Jeep: 4.12

10. Subaru: 4.03

11. Chrysler: 3.97

12. Dodge and Nissan: 3.93

13. Hyundai: 3.91

14. Volkswagen: 3.87

15. Chevrolet: 3.85

The company also noted that dealerships that score between a 3.8 – 5.0 are recognized and marketed as Certified Women‐Drivers Friendly — a reputation tool which the site contends dealers can use to distinguish and leverage their business.

And the site’s reviews are optimized for search engines, officials stressed.

For more information on the site’s dealership reputation tools, see the Auto Remarketing story here.


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