Auction Roundup: Louisiana 1st Choice AA Ramps up OVE sales; GRAA Holds Anniversary Sale

CARY, N.C. - 

In a stream of summer auto auction news, ServNet Auction Group announced in a newsletter update that Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auction Auction has increased its sales by 68 percent over last year, and the Greater Rockford Auto Auction just held its “GRAA'lapalooza” 44th Anniversary Sale earlier this month. 

Louisiana’s 1st Choice reaps rewards of OVE specialized team

Louisiana’s 1st Choice AA began using OVE as a platform back in 2009, but things really ramped up when the auction created a specialized team dedicated to OVE sales and support. 

Fast forward to 2018, and year-to-date wholesale transactions have more than doubled, with a 68 percent increase over last year.

Andy Poteet, the auction’s e-commerce manager, said, "OVE is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to sell or purchase wholesale vehicles.  No matter what market you are in, you will find a commensurate group of buyers and inventory.

“1st Choice further enhances the quality of experience with online selling and buying by having a dedicated online sales team available 24/7,” he added. 

In fact, the auction was listed in OVE's top 10 for independent auction dealers cars sold this past February. 

John Poteet, managing partner at Louisiana’s 1st Choice AA, said, "We think of OVE as our 7th lane. With 60,000 auto dealers having access to bid on your inventory 24/7, OVE seems like a no-brainer."

Greater Rockford Auto Auction celebrates 44 years

On July 18th, the Greater Rockford Auto Auction (GRAA) celebrated its 44th year with the GRAA'lapalooza 44th Anniversary Sale. 

The auction planned to give away $18,000 in prizes to attendees, which ranged from an outdoor bar set to a 14-foot inflatable movie screen and projector. 

Over 1,000 vehicles were set to run through the lanes for the celebratory sale. 

"GRAA'lapalooza is one sale that you will not want to miss," says Chad Anderson, GRAA's general manager, in a news release prior to the sale. 

"Our anniversary sale is one of our favorite sales of the year. The entire auction team looks forward to the opportunity to thank and give back to our customers who have supported us since 1974.  They one of the key reasons we are able to celebrate 44 years of business. We have worked hard to ensure it will be a fun filled and exciting day at the auction for everyone,” he continued. 

Following the sale, on Wednesday, the auction will continue its festivities and hold its 2nd Annual Ice Breaker Challenge, during which five dealers will compete to win $1,000 as they race to break a t-shirt out of a block of ice. 



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