AutoWurld Partners With One Guard To Provide Inspection Services


AutoWurld — a subscription-based wholesale network for the auto industry  — announced Tuesday a new partnership which expands its third-party service options.

AutoWurld is partnering with One Guard, an auto inspection agency, to provide volume-prices pre-sales vehicle inspection services to the more than 700 dealers in its network.

The company contends this move will help give dealers peace of mind with buying and selling vehicles outside their standard geographic boundaries.

“We created AutoWurld to make auto transactions easier and more profitable,” said Troy Mack, founder and chief executive officer of AutoWurld. “Our partnership with One Guard gives dealers an opportunity to have an independent inspector perform a 158-point vehicle inspection before committing to a purchase. Consequently, buyers are more confident in their purchase whether or not they have seen the vehicle firsthand.”

Taking a look at what the One Guard inspections provide, AutoWurld pointed out the  benefits, including:

  • 158-point detailed ASE certified inspection
  • Dozens of photos detailing the vehicle’s condition
  • Access to a knowledgeable service team
  • Blackstone oil analysis
  • Carfax vehicle history report

“We are thrilled to be announced as a partner of AutoWurld,” said One Guard CEO Bryan Bledsoe. “No other player in the market is doing what AutoWurld does; simplifying the auto industry with a cost-effective, efficient alternative marketplace for dealers to regain control of their bottom line. One Guard is uniquely positioned to expand and expedite business with high-quality, independent inspections for each transaction.”

Quality control and giving dealers more confidence in buying stock online has been a hot topic as of late.

Dealers don’t always have time to inspect every inch of a car that comes through the auction lane, and when online, they are at the mercy of the seller — quality inspections and condition reports can cut down on stressors in these situations.  

For dealers, time is more important than money, and Kraig Quisenberry, the director of sales at DCH Auto Group, told Auto Remarketing in the sense that dealers often are more concerned with having a car that is front-line ready than the price they’re going to pay for the vehicle.

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