Copart opens NC response facility for disaster recovery


In an effort to respond to severe weather events along the United States' North Atlantic coastline, Copart has opened a new North Carolina location that will function as a catastrophe response facility where vehicles collected during times of crises will be stored.

The new Copart Lumberton location sits on 90 acres of land and is located just about 58 miles south of Copart Raleigh at 1647 State Road in Lumberton.

This catastrophic response location opening follows Copart's acquisition of its 14th Florida location in Okeechobee last year, which also serves as a storage facility for vehicles damaged during severe weather events.

“Copart is committed to having the most agile and rapid vehicle recovery response for clients and communities when severe weather strikes,” company chief executive officer Jay Adair said in a news release. “Opening our new location in Lumberton gives Copart more space to store vehicles that are recovered from weather catastrophes in the Coastal Plains region. Copart's catastrophe response relies on having the acreage to support our operational efficiency.”

Investing in the development of severe-weather affected areas equips Copart's special operations team with the resources needed to process large volumes of vehicles in a short amount of time, the company said.

Copart said that it is committed to aiding communities in their vehicle recovery, and aims to provide its clients with highly responsive and efficient service following vehicle damage resulting from catastrophic weather events.

The company explained that it recently served Copart customers with the recovery, storage and sale of tens of thousands of vehicles following both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma last year.

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