Experian: Why Ford Is 'Consistantly' Tops for Brand Loyalty


The Blue Oval has "consistently" beat out competition when it comes to buyer loyalty.

After Experian Automotive revealed earlier this week the Q3 2012 Loyalty and Market Trends report, which highlighted two of Ford’s models as having the most brand-loyal owners — the Ford Fusion and the Ford Flex — the company gave Auto Remarketing a little more insight into what makes customers stick with Ford rides.

These two models took the top two spots for brand loyalty at the model level during the third quarter of last year, surpassing the Q2 2012 model loyalty leader Chevrolet Sonic, Experian reported.

Commenting on the results, Jeffrey Anderson, director of consulting and analytics for Experian Automotive, said: "Ford continues to perform exceptionally well in brand loyalty, with a range of products that are getting customers back to the showroom again and again.

"Loyal customers provide a ready-made source of sales and constitute an important element of maintaining or expanding market share and profitability," he added.

Anderson also stressed to Auto Remarketing  just how loyal Ford customers are to the brand:

"Ford has had top brand loyalty for last five quarters (since Q3 2011)," Anderson said. Before that, Kia had the highest in Q2 2011, he added.

Anderson also explained that the OEM has "consistently" held a large number of spots on the company’s brand loyalty list.

Breaking down the numbers further, 56.4 percent of Ford Fusion owners returning to market purchased or leased another Ford vehicle.

The Ford Flex and the Chevrolet Sonic finished with 55.3 percent and 54.3 percent brand loyalty, respectively.

Ford swept the competition with seven models in the top 10 for brand loyalty, including the  Ford Edge, Ford Five Hundred, Ford Fiesta, Ford Escape and Ford Focus, as well.

"While Ford is again on top in Q3 2012 with 44.1 percent brand loyalty, Toyota is in second place with 43.3  percent, and Kia in third place with 39.9 percent," Anderson said, stressing that the Asian OEMs are close on the heels of the Blue Oval.

For more information on which automakers have particularly loyal customers, see the Auto Remarketing story here.

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