Hertz and Donlen Leaders to Give Opening Keynote at 2012 Car Rental Show


The top bosses at Hertz and Donlen are teaming up to deliver the opening keynote address at 2012 Car Rental Show. 

Hertz chairman and chief executive officer Mark Frissora and Donlen CEO Gary Rappeport plan to use their joint address to discuss the imminent convergence of rental with other vehicle solutions ranging from car sharing, traditional car rental and long-term auto, truck and equipment rental and leasing.

Hertz completed a $900 million acquisition, including fleet financing, of Donlen last September.

“Hertz’s mission is to offer consumers the widest range of mobility solutions, with products and services today including hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly vehicle rentals, as well as, with the acquisition of Donlen Corp. this year, business fleet management solutions, including multi-year leases,” Frissora stated.

“Hertz and Donlen have now joined forces, and we're developing an even wider range of mobility and related fleet services solutions than we had initially anticipated,” Frissora continued. “We’re excited to participate in the 2012 Car Rental Show, and I am pleased to partner with Gary to share our key learnings and insights about the convergence of vehicle mobility solutions with the show’s attendees.”

Rappeport chimed in with, “The synergies between car rental and corporate fleet management are numerous; and the Hertz/Donlen relationship has proven to be beneficial for our customers, as well as each company.

“Addressing the 2012 Car Rental Show will provide us with a platform in which to share our knowledge with our colleagues in the industry,” he added.

When the deal was first announced in July, Auto Remarketing asked what impact Hertz Global Holdings' acquisition of Donlen will have on remarketing. Executive vice president of brand Suzanne Deveney said that Donlen customers will likely benefit.

“As of now, there are no changes planned in any area, including remarketing,” she told Auto Remarketing. “In fact, we are anticipating this to strengthen our remarketing offerings for our customers.”

Such sentiment appears to be one of many reasons why officials believe Hertz signing a definitive agreement to acquire Donlen will be beneficial all-around.

When making the announcement, Frissora said, “The acquisition of Donlen expands our portfolio of transportation solutions by giving Hertz an immediate leadership position in long-term car, truck and equipment leasing and fleet management for corporate customers who need scale and sophisticated fleet management services. This range of solutions from a single provider will make Hertz unique among its peers.

Frissora added, “The integration of Donlen gives Hertz a yearly and multi-year offering that complements our hourly, daily and monthly car sharing and car rental options for customers, giving us a more stable revenue stream and new adjacent markets to leverage our existing business model.”

Not quite a year later, Frissora and Rappeport will share a stage at a major industry event.

Presented by Auto Rental News and the American Car Rental Association, the 2012 Car Rental Show is seen as the annual opportunity for the industry to come together and learn how to capitalize on the rapid changes in today’s economic environment.

Organizers highlighted the educational show consists of a top-notch repertoire of speakers representing all corners of the industry who will address the burning issues facing the market today. Topics and issues include tapping into and optimizing the financing options available to the marketplace, OEM relationship management, and car rental pricing.

“By developing a range of services beyond traditional car rental, the auto rental industry can no longer be viewed as a standalone transportation option, but an integral part of the total mobility solution,” said Chris Brown, executive editor of Auto Rental News.

“We are eager to hear from these two industry leaders and how they are impacting the conversation on how we get around,” Brown went on to say.

The 2012 Car Rental Show will convene at the LVH-Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (formerly Las Vegas Hilton) on March 12–13.

Visit www.carrentalshow.com and www.autorentalnews.com for information.


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