KBB.com Offers New Ad Program; Includes Week-long Home Page Spot

IRVINE, Calif. - 

In a push to help automakers influence buyers at what KBB.com is calling a “crucial point,” the site revealed its new ad program: Accelerator. 

The new offering provides an ad package that includes a one-week exclusive advertising placement on Kelley Blue Book's KBB.com home page, which the company shared sees more than 14 million monthly visitors. 

And one OEM has already jumped on board.

This inaugural program for Kelley Blue Book launched with Toyota's "The Radically New Avalon" campaign.

"With the new Accelerator ad program on KBB.com, auto manufacturers have a unique opportunity to showcase a new vehicle to undecided shoppers at a key point in the decision-making process – as they arrive to our top-rated website – providing them with exciting, high-impact visuals, compelling messaging and interactive tools," said Tanya Berman, director of product marketing for Kelley Blue Book.  "The result is a unique, unified, immersive experience that maximizes model awareness and reinforces the advertising brand's key messages."

The Accelerator program also integrates several ad units, such as pushdown, expandable and sidekick ads, the company shared, which officials contend helps make "the experience with each ad unit animating and triggering the others independently and without interruption."

On top of the home page offerings, advertisers receive promotions among segment shoppers, on the site's vehicle detail pages and within Kelley Blue Book's social media channels. 

Offering some first-hand feedback, Toyota executives expressed their enthusiasm for their Avalon campaign with KBB.com.

"With our new campaign for the Avalon, we were looking for an innovative approach to reach active in-market shoppers, and KBB.com's Accelerator program provided the cross-platform experience we needed to really bring the car to life," said Dionne Colvin, national media manager at Toyota Motor Sales USA. 

"The ads also incorporate Toyota's 2013 Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Award into the creative, appealing to the left brain rationality of car shoppers, while the animation highlights the vehicle's all-new redesign, appealing to right-brain thinkers and driving home both elements of the campaign," she continued.


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