Reynolds Integrates Tool with ADESA Run List

DAYTON, Ohio - 

The Reynolds and Reynolds Co. announced integration between the Reynolds Used Vehicle Management application and the ADESA Auction Run List, which can enable dealers to more quickly and efficiently source used vehicles available at ADESA auction sites.

Officials said Tuesday that the integration between Used Vehicle Management and the ADESA Auction Run List is a new, complementary feature for Reynolds’ Used Vehicle Management customers.

“Used-vehicle managers are facing increased pressure to recommend which vehicles the dealership should acquire and when to acquire them,” said Jon Strawsburg, vice president of product planning for Reynolds.

“Our Used Vehicle Management tool is designed to help managers answer the questions of ‘what to buy’ and ‘when to buy’ and identify vehicles that will sell quickly with higher margins,” Strawsburg continued.

Strawsburg noted that once managers know the optimal vehicles to acquire, the challenge then becomes where to buy them.The integration between Used Vehicle Management and the ADESA Auction Run List can help answer the “where to buy” question by allowing used-car managers to identify in real time the ADESA auction site where they can purchase the vehicles they seek.

Reynolds’ Used Vehicle Management tool for the ERA and POWER dealership management systems is an inventory management solution that can be tailored to each dealership to help dealers quickly and accurately evaluate used vehicles.

Used Vehicle Management can analyze critical information from the dealership and from various third-party data sources, including sales history, inventory turn rates, and auction and appraisal data, to compile optimal inventory and pricing recommendations.

“These recommendations help dealers take the guesswork out of vehicle acquisitions and deliver results for their business,” Reynolds said.

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