Roundup: instaVIN's upgrade, NAAA's auction safety day

CARMEL, Ind.  - 

instaVIN, a provider of vehicle history and title information, has launched a revamped website, parent company KAR Auction Services announced Wednesday.

Chief executive Jim Irish explained some of the upgrades in a news release.

“At instaVIN, we are focused on simplifying vehicle history research for our customers and providing them with the most detailed and up-to-date data possible,” Irish said. “Our newly enhanced vehicle history reports are easier to understand and include cautions and warning indicators for various events.

“New functionality and responsive design allow customers to request and view free VIN checks and buy reports on computer, tablet or any mobile device on any browser platform,” he said.

Included on the new website is an interface designed to help customers create accounts and order vehicle history and title reports more easily.

Customers also can access a streamlined report dashboard with additional functions; dealers and commercial customers can now order reports on as many as 100 VINs at a time. New filter settings let customers order condescend reports. Through new HTML functions, users can embed links from web ads.

Additionally, for an additional charge, customers can choose to add an original factory window sticker with build data to their car history reports.

NAAA Safety Day

In other news from KAR, the company is hosting the National Auto Auction Association Safety Day at its ADESA Boston location on July 25.

At the event, NAAA-member auction leaders will gather to discuss response to safety risks. KAR and ADESA Boston leaders will also be demonstrating their safety protocols. The day will also include a tour of ADESA Boston’s design elements aiming to promote safety.

“The safety of our employees and our customers has always been a top priority at KAR—and my own personal mission,” KAR chairman and CEO Jim Hallett said in a news release.

“After recent events, several independent auctions reached out to us looking for additional best practices on auction safety,” he said. “We are proud to team with NAAA in uniting our industry and working together to develop innovative, collaborative new approaches to safety.”

All NAAA-member auctions are allowed to attend. However, space is limited to 75 registrants.

Additionally, there will be presentations on OSHA’s course regarding industrial workplace safety as well as NAAA’s own safety certification program.

The agenda will also feature presentations on OSHA’s 10-hour course to improve industrial workplace safety and NAAA’s safety certification program.

“It is NAAA’s goal to help make every auction, in every location, as safe as possible,” NAAA CEO Frank Hackett said in the release. “We are very pleased with the level of interest and engagement around this event and the willingness of our membership to rally around this important issue.”

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