Vehicle depreciation trends to close 2016


The average 12-month depreciation for vehicles from the 2011-2015 model years was 17.3 percent last year, according to Black Book, which said depreciation rates began to stabilize at the close of 2016.

Twelve-month depreciation for car segments was at 20 percent, with truck segments averaging 15.5 percent.

In the final month of the year, overall depreciation was at 2.4 percent. Trucks were at 2.3 percent and cars depreciated 2.7 percent.

“The depreciation rates for all cars and trucks followed seasonal patterns with higher depreciation in Q4,” Anil Goyal, senior vice president of automotive valuation and analytics, said in a news release.

“That being said, with the spring season around the corner, it will be interesting to see if smaller cars experience higher levels of seasonality lift, especially with the recent bump in gas prices.”

As it stands, the subcompact car, for instance, showed the second-highest level of depreciation in December (3.5 percent) and was among the highest for the full year (23.9 percent).  Compact cars were in the middle of the pack for December at 2.3 percent depreciation, but had one of the higher full-year figures (20.5 percent).

Meanwhile, the top eight segments for retention in December included seven truck segments, according to Black Book. 

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