Naked Lime adds predictive analytics to equity mining service


With the help of predictive analytics, dealers who use Naked Lime Marketing’s (NLM) XtreamService can now access added predictive insights concerning leads.

NLM announced Tuesday that it has upgraded its XtreamService equity mining service — a General Motors (GM) iMR-eligible offering — to provide clients more reliable predictions when it comes to customers' future purchasing behavior.

This news comes just a year after NLM became an approved provider of equity mining services for GM, according to NLM. And last month, the marketing, advertising and web services provider announced that both its email and direct mail targeted marketing services are approved for the GM iMR program.

“Xtream already functioned as a premier service for increased business from dealership service departments. With the upgrade that comes from implementing predictive analytics, we're excited to see dealer results as they take advantage of the leads hiding in plain sight in their existing data,” NLM vice president at Chris Walsh said in a news release.

“The privilege of being included in GM's iMR program as a preferred turnkey provider only makes Xtream that much more accessible to those dealers looking to invest now for lasting benefits,” Walsh said.

NLM's XtreamService solution is designed to generate service leads with applicable sales and service recommendations based on a specific customer action or status.

The company said that its added XtreamService predictive analytics are powered by new techniques in data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In addition to equity mining, other NLM marketing and advertising services approved for participation in the GM iMR program include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital advertising
  • Dealer-branded eNewsletters
  • Email and direct mail targeted marketing

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